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We are looking for a dedicated recruiter to join our HR team in identifying hiring needs and filling job openings. The responsibilities of a recruiter include identifying future hiring needs, designing job descriptions, sourcing candidates through databases and social media, conducting interviews, filing paperwork, of employment law and legislation.

Team Leader
In our journey, we are looking for talented individuals who can lead us on this mission. Would you like to be a part of the adventure? We have a suitable opening in the HR team for the role of Manager – People Development & Learning based in Mumbai. You come with an experience of 7-8 years.

What makes us different?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
If you want to stay away from the hassle of interviews, screening, questioning…
Senior & Middle
Level Hiring
Senior and mid-level candidates have the highest amount of expertise
Our pool of talent doesn’t only lie in India, but rather, expands globally.
Recruiter Training Programmes.
We deeply care about the recruitment, HR, and talent acquisition industry